New tool to accurately predict fluid flow underground

Streamix pro is an online web application which can predict the flow and mixing of fluids underground to a higher accuracy than any other tool.

This technology may be applied to all kinds of physical processes and industries. In the environmental sector, this has various uses, such as the monitoring of pollution dispersion in a reservoir.

It is also of high value to the oil and gas industry. Here, a key use is to support the extraction of oil from a reservoir.

How is this unique?

The natural layers of the reservoir, fluid densities and viscosities are considered in our formula. This leads to increased validity.

Other software tools cannot cope with the different viscosities and densities in the system, and use averaged properties. By ignoring the important processes, this leads to inaccurate information.

To achieve the highest accuracy, we also consider the finer scale structure of the rock unit. It is here, where the key mixing processes take place.

In this application, we make it easy for you to gain the data and the information you need.  

Results tailored advice

You enter the data describing your layered reservoir, we give you specially tailored graphics and advice for your unique situation. 

More than a simple software, this is an consulting package where you have personal support for your project.

From a leading expert in the field of physical chemistry, you are given targeted knowledge specific to your problem.

  • Personal consultations for your queries, and project.​

  • Specific insights generated based on your results.

  • Graphical user interface for easy user interaction.

The release

Currently under development, the planned release of Streamix pro is in the summer of 2017.

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