Achieving ultimate extraction rates through improved methods.


Identifying methods

By screening the various oilfield for candidates to apply enhanced oil recovery methods, we select the ideal methods for your particular field and problem.

By drafting testing programs for EOR chemicals, this will identify the suitable chemical candidates for you.


  • Polymers processes

  • Alkaline processes

  • Surfactant methods

  • Solvent/missable (soluble) gas (e.g. hydrocarbons, co2) injection

  • Low salinity water injection


The aim is to draw up the best opportunities for applying your methods by creating specialised laboratory programs. Through practical testing, this can be simulated to your particular field environment.

This is re-enforced one step further by utilising specialised programs, and by communicating with reservoir engineers through the process.

Once a suitable method has ruled out, it is time to apply it. At this stage, we can monitor the field responses and sampling procedures to so that we may observe the chemical performance, and identify any new problems.

Through this approach, methods of extraction become increasingly effective, resulting in increased rates of oil recovery.   


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