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This software package provides a working method to calculate the flow mechanism and mixing of fluids within layered reservoirs. The analytic method is based only on physically meaningful and measureable properties and includes the effects of fluid viscosity (or mobility) ratio and density contrast. Reservoir layering is represented as a typical dual-layer unit which allows crossflow and cross-mixing.

Channelling rates are output as a velocity ratio of the displacing fluid fronts. These are valid for short dimensionless mixing times but also determine the length of the mixing zone at long times when transverse mixing dominates.  

Mixing effects are calculated in terms of the transverse mixing time, the effective (longitudinal) dispersion coefficient and the Peclet number. As a result, the effluent concentration profile (vs PV produced) is predicted.

This is a unique analytical model which includes layer heterogeneity, viscous and gravity effects.

Rob Wright (04/08/18)

Related Publications by Wright, RJ and Dawe, RA,

(2019) paper prepared for presentation at the Soc of Petroleum Engineers MEOS conference Bahrain 18-21 March



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